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Independence Day - iD4 Jubiläumsedition UHD: Lest das Blu-ray Review zur Blu​-ray und UHD des legendären Scifi-FIlms. Rezension mit Bewertung. Independence Day. Studio. 20th Century Fox (). Verleih. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (). Laufzeit. min. (Special Version). Original: Independence Day: Resurgence. Anbieter: 20th Fox Home Entertainment. Laufzeit: ca. min. Bildformat: 2, Audiokanäle. Film-Review: «Independence Day: Wiederkehr». der erste «Alien»-Streifen hatte schon einige Jahre auf dem Buckel und von Megan Fox' einzigartiger. Independence Day: Resurgence - Review Bei Independence Day: Wiederkehr ist zwar offiziell letzteres der Fall, trotzdem wirkt die.

Independence Day Review

Independence Day: Resurgence - Review Bei Independence Day: Wiederkehr ist zwar offiziell letzteres der Fall, trotzdem wirkt die. Original: Independence Day: Resurgence. Anbieter: 20th Fox Home Entertainment. Laufzeit: ca. min. Bildformat: 2, Audiokanäle. Die Regie übernahm wie bei Independence Day () wieder Roland Emmerich. Independence Day: Wiederkehr knüpft an die Handlung des ersten Teils an, wobei Jason Solomons: ‚Independence Day: Resurgence' Review: Will Smith Is. Load more international reviews. Geburtstagsgrüsse von Stormy Daniels? Levinson bietet für den Kampf gegen die Aliens seine Erfahrungen an, die er bei der ersten Invasion gesammelt hat. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Der Film ist gut, er ist anders als der erste Teil. Im Wieviel Geld Darf Ich Als Hartz4 EmpfГ¤nger Besitzen wurde der Soundtrack als Anwärter bei der Oscarverleihung in der Kategorie Beste Filmmusik in die Kandidatenliste Mensch Mit 2 KГ¶pfe aufgenommen, aus denen die Mitglieder der Akademie die offiziellen Nominierungen bestimmen werden. Darüber hinaus verlässt sich Resurgence allzu sehr auf die Story-Formel, die schon in den 90ern funktioniert hat. Sihlhallenstrasse 19, Zürich info rockstar.

Kiersten Warren as Tiffany. Harry Connick Jr. Giuseppe Andrews as Troy. John Storey as Dr. Frank Novak as Teddy.

Devon Gummersall as Philip. Mirron E. Willis as Aide. Ross Lacy as Aide. David Pressman as Whitmore's Aide. Bobby Hosea as Commanding Officer.

Dan Lauria as Commanding Officer. Steve Giannell as Radar Tech. Eric Paskel as Radar Tech. Carlos La Camara as Radar Operator. John Bennett Perry as Secret Serviceman.

Troy Willis as Secret Serviceman. Tim Kelleher as Technician. Wayne Wilderson as Area 51 Technician. Jay Acovone as Area 51 Guard. Matt Pashkow as Second Officer.

Robert Pine as Chief of Staff. Marisa Morell as Co-Worker No. Michael Winther as Co-Worker No. Dexter Warren as Co-Worker No.

Michael 'Chewy' Vacca as Lt. David Chanel as Secret Service Agent. John Capodice as Mario. Greg Collins as Military Aide.

Derek Webster as Sky Crane Pilot. Mark Fite as Pilot. Eric Neal Newman as Pilot. Levani as Russian Pilot. Kristof Konrad as Russian Pilot.

Kevin Sifuentes as Tank Commander. Elston Ridgle as Soldier. Randy Oglesby as Mechanic. Jack Moore as Mechanic.

Barry Del Sherman as Street Preacher. Lyman Ward as Secret Service Guy. Anthony Crivello as Lincoln. Richard Speight Jr as Ed. Barbara Beck as Monica Soloway.

Joe Fowler as Reporter. Andrew Warne as Reporter. Sharon Tay as Reporter. Peter Jozef Lucas as Russian Reporter. Yelena Danova as Russian Newscaster.

Derek Kim as Korean Newscaster. Vanessa J. Wells as Newscaster. Deenie Dakota as Boomer. Jessika Cardinahl as German Video Newscaster. Gary W. Cruz as Video Newscaster.

Steve Giannelli as Radar Technician. Ron Pitts as Video Newscaster. Wendy Walsh as Video Newscaster. Christine Devine as Video Newscaster.

Mark Thompson as Video Newscaster. Jack Germond as Video Newscaster. Jon Mathews as Thomson. Morton Kondracke as Video Newscaster. Cinckevin Cooney as Atlantic Air.

Rance Howard as Chaplain. Nelson Mashita as Japanese Tech. Jeff Phillips as B-2 Pilot. July 3, Full Review…. January 18, Full Review….

November 27, Full Review…. March 5, Full Review…. July 16, Full Review…. January 14, Full Review…. November 2, Rating: A Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Dec 18, So, now that I think about it, as I didn't really notice at the time, it turns out that after watching an alien invasion movie Extraterrestre without the aliens and barely any invasion as it is, I decided to watch the most alien invasion-y movie ever made.

Well, really, perhaps that last point is a bit of an exaggeration. But Independence Day, for one reason or another, is still somewhat fondly remembered to this day.

Admittedly speaking, however, the reason I did choose to watch this last night wasn't to contrast Extraterrestre with this, though it does make for an interesting contrast, it was simply because I was feeling slightly nostalgic and I wanted to watch a movie from my youth.

Here's the thing, Independence Day came out in I was eight years old in and, quite frankly, this was probably the type of movie that spoke to me as a child.

This and Space Jam. Anyway, one of the things I remember most about this movie, other than that one jump scare, isn't even something about the movie itself, it's the fact that I made my mom or aunt take me to see this movie in theaters a second time.

Which was something that I rarely did. Now, of course, as someone who was eight years old at the time of this movie's release, my tastes were, say, a little less discerning than they are now, theoretically speaking.

However, when I say I was nostalgic for this movie didn't mean that I was expecting it to blow my mind like it probably did when I was eight.

But I wanted to go back to a timeframe where things were much simpler for me, not as stressful. I never looked at this movie with rose-colored glasses.

This was a product of its time and my enjoyment was also a product of its time. That's not to say that I couldn't find some enjoyment out of it as someone who's 30, but I knew that I wasn't going to see the second coming, like some people tend to do when they're nostalgic about certain movies or the experiences they had with it.

With that said, however, even with the relatively average rating I gave it, this movie is, at the same time, better and worse than it had any right to be.

Not that it's a truly bad movie, at least not offensively so, but the thing is that I remember very little about the content of the movie.

I remember the jump scare with Okun in Area I remember Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum flying the alien ship to the mothership and installing some sort of virus.

And, of course, I remember parts of Bill Pullman's climactic speech. But, outside of that, there is very little that I truly remember about this movie.

Honestly, without being allowed to go online and verify it, if I was asked on a quiz 'Was Randy Quaid in Independence Day?

Which is intriguing, since Quaid's character really is one of the heroes of the fight against the alien threat. For someone so important, his character rarely made any sort of significant impact to me and my memory of this movie.

This might be due to the fact that, once again, I was eight-years-old when I first watched this. Having watched this now, however, I can say that Randy Quaid's character, and his kids as an extension are completely forgettable and unimportant.

They're just there to pad the length and, even then, it's not like they're in the movie that movie. And, of course, it's not that I expected a movie about fighting aliens to have any real character depth, but the one-dimensionality if the latter is even a word, if not then I just made it up of these characters is quite something to behold.

I honestly have no reason why Randy Quaid and his kids were even in this movie since, essentially, they're practically useless. They're there, mostly Quaid's character's kids, to give Quaid something to want to sacrifice himself over.

If Quaid's character makes the ultimate sacrifice without really having someone to go back to, then it sort of dulls the impact because, again, he's not doing it for anybody except the faceless masses still left alive.

And you can't really form any sort of emotional connection with people you can't really see. The thing is, though, you don't really form any sort of attachment with Quaid's kids either.

They're as poorly developed as you can imagine, like they were an afterthought. In my opinion, it would have meant more had it been the President to make the ultimate sacrifice.

He's actually a major character and the whole 'sacrificing' himself for the masses would actually work since, again, he has to think not only of his daughter, but of the remaining survivors in the U.

Another thing that I noticed was how there were many characters journeying to the same destination. So you have all these characters, in different locations in the U.

S, all working their way to Area 51 for the final assault. While the constant threat of aliens is there, of course, it doesn't really feel like a truly cohesive narrative.

And, once again, I get that the point some of this film's defenders are bound to make is that this isn't meant to have a strong or cohesive narrative.

Which, I suppose, is fine. But, realistically speaking, why do we have to lower our standards based on what a movie is or isn't meant to be???

And even if we DID lower our standards, there are movie that don't have great or cohesive narratives that make up for it with strong casting and characters, action, atmosphere and tone.

This movie definitely has a strong cast, but the characters are really lacking. If the movie is fun then I could, at the very least, overlook some of its narrative deficiencies.

That was a fun movie without a great narrative. Or the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was a blast and, once again, the story wasn't anything to write home about.

The only thing this movie has is the strong cast. The narrative is bloated, the characters are thinly-plotted and the action is fine, but it didn't really blow my mind.

Though, of course, this is a product of the fact that this movie is 22 years old by this point and action has taken leaps and bounds into the future when compared to this.

Even with that, however, this is still a decent enough movie. I do think, partly, nostalgia had a lot to do with that, but I never came to hate my time as I was watching this movie.

Yes, I pretty much went on a diatribe about how the movie has no characters worth investing it, its story is bloated and uninteresting and the action is archaic, but that doesn't mean to suggest the movie is terrible.

As far as popcorn movies are concerned, I've seen far worse this year Transformers: The Last Knight, which was technically released last year, but I saw this year, hence here it is.

It's just that the potential WAS there for this to be the ultimate popcorn movie, but it fell short of that. This is still a perfectly decent movie, but one whose flaws outnumber the positives to the point where I can't just look away from the bad and over-rate what is good.

This is the very definition of a mixed bag. It's interesting, because I feel that if I had gone into this blind, like say for anyone that was born post, I feel like my thoughts could have gone in either direction.

And I think it's gonna be that way for most of the people that were around my age at the same time. Of course, there will always be some people that over-rate due to nostalgia, but I feel like a lot of us will be in the middle of the pack.

Also interesting to see how this is the movie that pushed Will Smith to superstardom. Bad Boys was successful the year prior to this movie being released, but this is the movie that made him one of the most bankable movie stars for a decade after this point.

So, if for nothing else, it's interesting to watch just to see Will Smith develop into a superstar in front of our very eyes.

Regardless, this is a decent popcorn movie. It's both worse and better than I could have expected, but I didn't hate my time with this at all, even with its flaws.

Wouldn't recommend it, but there's worse options out there. I know that's not exactly a glowing recommendation, but that's the best I got for this.

Jesse O Super Reviewer. Jun 28, Independence Day is easily one of the most famous end-of-the-world blockbusters, but sadly, 20 years later, it doesn't necessarily hold up.

With painfully cheesy one-liners and one-too many characters to follow, it's a less than stellar take on the alien invasion genre.

One thing that does stand out is the ensemble cast. Perhaps besides Harvey Fierstein, I really enjoyed the entire cast. With a powerhouse like Will Smith bringing the charisma and most of the film's comedy, all you need is some solid supporting cast members to carry the rest of the weight, although let's face it, Jeff Goldblum plays the exact same character he does in Jurassic Park.

Having said that, there are far too many characters that feel entirely unnecessary and end up bloating the film to an hour and a half.

Cut half of the supporting roles and 30min of screen time and you have a much more re-watchable film. I can't entirely blame the film for having dated special effects, especially since it won an Oscar for them.

However, I can blame the film for having a script and direction that doesn't seem to care enough to develop the characters and story into a respectable blockbuster territory.

Perhaps it's because we are so inundated with mega-films that do all of these things so well that I got a little upset watching Independence Day.

How many times can Roland Emmerich zoom the camera in on someone giving a shocked face at the alien's ship? It happens at least 20 times within the first hour.

This film definitely has its copycats, as Emmerich recently pointed out in an interview. But he took a lot from the previous sci-fi epics that came before him.

Everything from the music, end credits visually , to the space battles felt like something out of a Star Wars or Star Trek film. With that said, none of those films have as good of a speech as Bill Pullman does as he rallied the pilots before the final takedown.

That's right about when I began to accept the film for what it is and forgive some of the horrifically cheesy moments.

Although the film is over minutes long, we never really get a sense as to the alien's motivations or backstory as to their appearance on earth, which was disappointing for sure.

Why did we need to follow the kids of one of the pilots, who barely had a role, and not get a little bit more insight from the aliens point of view?

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Will Smith Steven Hiller Bill Pullman President Thomas J. Whitmore Jeff Goldblum David Levinson Mary McDonnell Marilyn Whitmore Judd Hirsch Julius Levinson Robert Loggia General William Grey Randy Quaid Russell Casse Margaret Colin Constance Spano James Rebhorn Albert Nimziki Harvey Fierstein Marty Gilbert Adam Baldwin Major Mitchell Brent Spiner Brakish Okun James Duval Miguel Vivica A.

Jasmine Dubrow Lisa Jakub Learn more More Like This. Men in Black Action Adventure Comedy. Independence Day: Resurgence Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

The Devil's Advocate Drama Mystery Thriller. The Day After Tomorrow I, Robot Action Drama Sci-Fi. Men in Black II Armageddon The Green Mile Crime Drama Fantasy.

I Am Legend Action Adventure Drama. Back to the Future Adventure Comedy Sci-Fi. Stars: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson.

Jumanji: The Next Level Men in Black 3 Edit Storyline On July 2nd, communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference.

It could be your last. Edit Did You Know? Fox , her screen time is much lesser than both of them. Goofs Russell in the aircraft waves to Miguel on the motorbike.

The Sun is on Russell's right starboard side as evidenced by his arm's shadow on the aircraft's fuselage. Switch to the camera on the ground and the Sun is seen on Russell's left.

His port side. No animals or aliens were harmed in the making of this film. These include the destruction of the AWAC as it enters the fire cloud and the shot of the helicopter pilots when the alien destroyer shoots them down.

It was eventually released uncut still retaining it PG rating for the Blu-ray release. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

Okun dead? Q: What are the differences between the theatrical cut and the Special Edition? Q: Is 'Independence Day' based on a book?

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min min extended cut. Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Steven Hiller. David Levinson.

Marilyn Whitmore. Julius Levinson. General William Grey. Russell Casse.

And even if we DID lower our standards, there are movie that don't have great or cohesive narratives that make up for it with strong casting and characters, action, atmosphere and tone. How does he know that? Jun 24, Robert Loggia as Gen. Richard Speight Jr as Ed. Rate this Yandex Money Paypal. However the film remains hugely enjoyable nonsense and, by retaining a degree of internal logic, you don't question some of the more silly aspects of the plot This is undoubtedly Google Kostenlos Spielen best that Independence Day has ever looked. Character Strengths Find more movies that help kids build character. Rita Kempley.

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Independence Day - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann and The Flick Pick Review: Independence Day: Wiederkehr Independence Day: Resurgence. Regie​: Roland Emmerich Erscheinungsjahr: Laufzeit: Die Regie übernahm wie bei Independence Day () wieder Roland Emmerich. Independence Day: Wiederkehr knüpft an die Handlung des ersten Teils an, wobei Jason Solomons: ‚Independence Day: Resurgence' Review: Will Smith Is. ist eine Seite rund um das Thema Film. Bei uns gibt es Reviews zu den neusten Kino- und Home. Independence Day 2: Wiederkehr 3D (): Goldblum​, Jeff, Translate all reviews to English Translate review to English. AnRoRu.

Nicolas Wright as Floyd Rosenberg. Hays Wellford as Felix. Zeb Sanders as Henry. Lance Lim as Kevin. Donovan Tyee Smith as Marcus.

Ava Del Cielo as Young Mother. Nathaniel Augustson as Gas Station Attendant. Joey King as Sam. Ryan Cartwright as Officer Ryan Collins.

Alice Rietveld as Secret Service Agent. Gbenga Akinnagbe as Agent Matthew Travis. Joshua Mikel as Armand. Chin Han as Commander Jiang Lao.

Monique Candelaria as Tech Officer. Justin Raleigh as Creature Puppeteer. Morse Bicknell as Russian Commander. Alma Sisneros as Aide 2.

John Storey as Dr. Catharine Pilafas as Flight Officer 3. Robert Neary as Captain McQuaide. Otis Winston as Brian Cole. Travis Hammer as Jeffrey Fineman.

Kenny Leu as Ping Li. Stephen Oyoung as Young Man in Taxi. Beth Bailey as Nurse. Mark Falvo as News Reporter. Brandon Hampton as Officer.

Omar Diop as Dikembe Guard. Stafford Douglas as Flight Officer 1. Sam Quinn as Radar Officer. Jacob Browne as Prison Tech 1. Humberto Castro as Parisian Office Worker.

Robert Douglas as Dirk Strickland. Stephen M. Hardin as Tug Pilot. Jade Kammerman as Orbital Tech. Auroroa Antonio as Teenager 1.

Diana Gaitirira as Comms Officer. Gabriel Schmidt as Driver. Akshay Patel as Dylan's Pilot. David Devereaux as Military Aide 1. Hans Obma as Sokolov.

Shawn Lecrone as Area 51 Soldier Pvt. Marika Day as Panicked Patient. Mark S. Allen as Journalist. David Stanford as Washington D.

Nate Warren as Marley Sullivan. Richard Beal as Military Brass. Danny Winn as DC Dignitary. David Grant Wright as Military Aide. Nathan Brimmer as Cheyenne Mountain Security.

Gregory Paul Valdez as Press Corps. Jacob Christopher Johnson as Teenager 2. Christian Simpson as Sgt.

Fletcher Smith. Jeffrey M. Williams as Patricia Squadron Pilot. Jerry Walker as Milky Eye Guard. Valerie Adams as Pedestrian. Jason E.

Hill as Marine. Dave Racki as Chopper Pilot. Faber Dewar as Flight Commander. Andrew James Bleidner as Area 51 Soldier. Matthew Munroe as Prison Tech 2.

Johnny Otto as Secret Service Agent. Edward A. Duran as Orbital Tech 2. Jamie H. Jung as Ground Crew. Jonathan Lane as Press Corps.

Andrei Lapionak as Russian Cosmonaut. Justin Arnsworth as Fighter Pilot. Raiden Integra as Press Corps. Brian Barela as Area 51 Soldier.

John D. Grissom as War Room Commander. Colt Balok as Area 51 Soldier. Patrick Juarez as Area 51 Officer. June 27, Full Review….

June 25, Full Review…. June 24, Rating: F Full Review…. June 24, Rating: 1. July 9, Full Review…. July 3, Rating: B Full Review….

June 28, Full Review…. May 4, Full Review…. January 14, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Apr 04, The original was never a deep or particularly smart movie, but it was massive fun and had its heart in the right place.

Here, 20 years later, all of that is gone. The world has gone full Sci-Fi here, which makes for a lot of shiny special effects and a total lack of the David vs Goliath trope.

It's cool how many characters returned for this, but the film hardly knows what to do with them, introducing flat new ones does not help either.

A joyless, boring, unfunny mess copying scenes from the original here or there only to make them look bigger and soulless.

What a disappointment and insult for the audience. Jens S Super Reviewer. Jan 15, Retro-sequel seems to have become all the rage lately. Star Wars is back with a vengeance, Indiana Jones is on his way, Alien, Blade Runner, Jurassic World and others have taken franchise stagnant for a decade or more and revived them not with a reboot, but a sequel that continues the long dead story.

A film that could have delivered a sequel decades before now is Independence Day, a film that wasn't the greatest but it did deliver some summer popcorn entertainment.

Why we didn't get a sequel until now is a mystery to me. The plot isn't going to take much to describe. Honestly, if you've seen the first film then you have seen this one.

I was thinking about doing a copy and paste from my view of the first film, but why go to the effort. Plus, there seems to be to much copy and paste going on with this one anyway.

Aliens, angry that we beat them in the first film, show up. Throw in a McGuffin so that we have a way to set up another sequel and you're done.

Like an assembly line. The film is pure paint by numbers and that philosophy can work when you add something interesting or at least make an effort.

This film doesn't do that. The beats are the same as the first film and what is new happens to be well worn cliches from films such as Pearl Harbor.

Bill Pullman returns as the ex-President, but actually takes up the crazed Randy Quaid character. Jeff Goldblum also returns, does his thing, and collects his check.

Will Smith does not return, opting to appear in Suicide Squad. Not perfect. Throughout the film the cast does its thing, re-making Independence Day.

I guess we're going to get hit with more of these. Reboots are garbage, so let's revitalize. The problem is that a retro-sequel can end up being more pathetic than actually starting over from scratch.

The movie blatantly sets up a sequel, but whether or not that will come to fruition is up in the air at this time. It sounds like something different, which this movie should have been if it wanted to recapture an audience.

Nods to the original are encouraged, but give the viewer a reason to spends time watching your movie. Oh well. The grand daddy of modern disaster porn has fallen.

Let's just pack this one away as a relic of the old days. Chris G Super Reviewer. Dec 03, Despite some initially compelling world-building and seeing some of the old cast back Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pulman, and Judd Hirsch , ID:R is just a generic and mindlessly pointless rehash of the first movie.

The original movie is the definition of a guilty pleasure because it's a big budget B-movie that had the benefit of great special effects, mind-blowing action, and obvious enthusiasm and commitment from both the cast and crew.

This sequel is lacking all of that. Will Smith is sorely missed in this and the great practical effects of the original are replaced with bland artificial-looking CGI.

The action is not particularly creative or exciting either. Only see this movie if you are a die-hard fan of the original or if you want to get a glimpse into what a live-action Macross movie would look like.

Otherwise, just skip this disposable blockbuster tripe. Christopher H Super Reviewer. Nov 19, Just makes me want to watch the original.

Stephen S Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Dylan Hiller: It's the 4th of July. Let's show them some fireworks! Dylan Hiller: We have to remind them that Earth is not for the taking!

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Twenty years old and looking better than ever by Steve Withers Jul 20, stephenwithers. Review Specs Discussion Film Review Twenty years on and we return to one of the greatest ever high concept summer blockbuster films, the hit Independence Day.

It's hard to believe it's really been that long since Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin unleashed their huge spaceships over the major cities of the world and took great pleasure in destroying famous American landmarks.

Independence Day is pure cheese but done with enough charm to overlook its obvious flaws and the film retains a genuine sense of fun. The film cemented Will Smith as a proper movie star and, along with Jurassic Park , made Jeff Goldblum an unlikely box office draw.

The majority of the cast sensibly play it straight, with Bill Pullman getting to deliver some great speeches whilst Smith and Goldblum fight over the best lines.

Brent Spiner has fun as a mad scientist and the only missteps are some of the cliched supporting cast like Randy Quaid's drunk pilot, Judd Hirsch's Jewish father and Harvey Fierstein's gay boss.

Whilst Fierstein in particular really dates the film, the effects have held up surprisingly well. Despite the advent of CGI a few years earlier, the filmmakers wisely chose to use practical effects wherever possible, only using computers to create the force fields and to composite shots.

As a result there's a pleasing sense of realism to the effects that more modern filmmaking techniques seem to have lost. The film's plot borrows heavily from a host of different sources, most notably the War of the Worlds and the TV series V but by underplaying the alien invasion aspects in favour of a more traditional disaster movie narrative structure, the film retains a degree of internal logic that is sadly missing from its sequel.

The extended cut adds a few more character beats and whilst not necessarily superior, it remains our preferred choice. However whether you watch the theatrical cut or the extended cut, there's no denying that Independence Day remains a glorious summer blockbuster.

Picture Quality. Independence Day was actually shot on Super 35 and 20th Century Fox have fully restored the original negative at a resolution of 4K, which forms the basis of this new Ultra HD Blu-ray release.

The disc uses a resolution of x p and is presented in its correct 2. Independence Day was shot using the Super 35 process which is a format that removes the optical audio tracks at the edge of the frame, resulting in a larger area to capture the image on.

The greater the surface area for the image captured the higher the resolution and, as a result, you can blow-up and mask the Super35 frame to 2.

The benefit of this is two-fold, it allows directors and cinematographers to shoot with spherical lenses rather than anamorphic lenses, which provides greater freedom and it also allowed for more flexibility when creating home video versions of the film back in the days of TVs.

The downside of this process is that film grain tends to be more noticeable because the image has been blown-up prior to being printed for anamorphic projection.

The restored 4K image looks lovely although the Super 35 source is prone to film grain. Sound Quality. The opening credits are impressive enough with the letters exploding and rushing past you whilst the low frequency channel underscore the sound effects.

Then as the mothership moves over the moon the bass energy increases even further, rattling the entire room. The sound designers take full advantage of the greater freedom afforded them by this immersive audio format and there are certain scenes that clearly lend themselves to the use of overhead channels.

The new DTS:X soundtrack compliments the visuals and adds to the epic scale of the action.

Independence Day Review Deutscher Titel. Wenn du die Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. Dafür ist immerhin die deutsche Synchronfassung immerhin nahezu auf dem gleichen Sound-Niveau wie die englische Originalversion. Während Liam Hemsworth als draufgängerischer Pilot immer eine Spur zu allglatt erscheint, um wirklich Sympathiepunkte zu sammeln, ist Deobia Oparei als Warlord Dikembe Umbutu einer der heimlichen Stars des Films, der nicht nur jahrelang Www.Pron Aliens Tipico Heilbronn Afrika mit Macheten bekämpft hat sondern auch deren Sprache teilweise versteht. Man sieht auch wesentlich mehr von den Lotto Statistik Superzahl und der US-Hurrapatriotismus wurde etwas reduziert. Weiter so. Dem Film zugute halten kann man, dass er der wahrscheinlich politisch korrekteste Film aller Zeiten ist. Dem Film fehle es zudem an Seele, unter anderem wegen der darin gezeigten opferlosen Gewalt. Darüber hinaus verlässt sich Resurgence allzu sehr auf die Story-Formel, die schon in den 90ern funktioniert hat. Business as usual. Tolle Effekte ja Warum auch immer. Wie gesagt: Das ist im Prinzip Beste Spielothek in Zienken finden technischer Mangel der 4K-Variante, allerdings sehr wohl subjektive Geschmacksache.

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